As you are well aware, falls are frequently a result of an inefficient or unstable gait pattern. 

Various impairments may interfere with standing, walking or transfer activities. Patients who have neurological impairments, chronic pain, orthopedic or balance problems may have gait abnormalities that cause them to be at risk for a fall 

Addressing these limitations prior to the incident of a fall is the goal of our gait and wellness program. A comprehensive evaluation of gait is most important. Patients are evaluated in all phases of gait including the ability to arise from a chair and initiate ambulation. Patients' strength, mobility and balance are assessed as well. The patient is also screened to determine his ability to tolerate the metabolic and cardiovascular demands of exercise. 

Our physical therapists work closely with our patients by providing strengthening, mobilization and balance activities. We are aware of the importance of the individual's ability to move with awareness, proper patterns of motion and postural alignment. 

We work with patients on a one on one basis; therefore we are aware of their individual goals and personal limitations. Each patient's program is unique and an individualized program is provided. 

Additionally, our team educates patients on risk factors for falls, environmental modifications and the proper use of assistive devices when necessary. Functional electrical stimulation is also incorporated when indicated, with the physician's approval. 

The primary goal of our gait and wellness program is to correct the unstable gait pattern to prevent a fall. We do this by educating the patient regarding postural alignment and proper patterns of movement. 

We strive to: 

  • Increase strength and endurance; 
  • Improve balance; 
  • Increase standing and walking tolerance; 
  • Improve independent mobility; 

A doctor's referral is required. Medicare covers the cost of treatment with a diagnosis of unstable gait, deconditioning, pain or difficulty walking. 

Arlene Grosse, P.T.