Physical Therapy of Clifton is an outpatient rehabilitation facility that has been providing professional rehabilitation services for more than 15 years. We combine cutting edge technology with personalized treatment, and we treat our patients with upmost care. Our therapy plans are aggressive, comprehensive and goal oriented, allowing for a speedy and complete recovery. Contact us today to see how we can help you discover a healthier tomorrow. 

Our Staff

Our world-class therapy teams are renowned for their skills and ability to push their patients to their fullest potential, to assure that they make a complete recovery in a timely fashion. Their warm personality, listening ear and superb bedside manner provide a productive and enjoyable experience.

Beautiful facilities

Our conveniently located centers is modern, spacious, and full of amenities, offering a relaxing and positive environment that promotes healing. All our facilities are located on the ground floor with ample parking.

Program range

Physical Therapy of Clifton provides a full scope of therapeutic services to help you regain optimal functionality and overall wellness. 

Advanced equipment

Our facility is equipped with the most advanced exercise and physical therapy modalities in the industry. This enables our therapists to design comprehensive and creative plans of care for you.

Post-Therapy Care

In addition to therapy, Physical Therapy of Clifton provides extensive follow-up including our Post-gym and Education programs. 


Physical Therapy of Clifton works closely with your physician, following his/her specific protocols and providing regular summaries and progress reports.